Seeking Thoughtful Writers To Share Stories of Resistance and Hope

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Rebel & Resist is a political blog that is affiliated with two Facebook pages, Save Main St and Trump Resistance Movement

We are looking for writers to create content on the following:


Inspiring stories of real people who are involved in creative forms of resistance. Personal experiences of resistance to Trump, like this one, are great, and so are interviews with activists, like this one, politicians who are resisting, or stories about people who are vulnerable to Trump’s policies, such as this one. We want stories that fuel people to keep resisting, or inspire them to take their resistance to a new level.

Solutions to political problems

We want stories that pose potential solutions to the challenging political times we are in. What ideas bring you hope? You could write about workers’ co-operatives, movement successes in other countries, non-violent action strategies, or local solutions. Here is an example of what we are looking for.

Analysis of current news

We want thoughtful analysis of current political situations, but with these pieces, we don’t expect you to be an authority. We are not looking for in-depth analyses in the style of a pundit. Instead, we would like for you to explore an interesting question that gets people thinking. Insert a bunch links to further readings that bolster what you are saying. We want you to challenge popular perceptions and start a conversation, but not necessarily provide answers to the question. Here is a good example.


More details

The blog pieces need not be long. Shorter pieces tend to draw larger audiences. Between 500-2000 words is a good size to aim for.

If your submission has promise, our editors will work with you to tighten it up and get it ready for publication.

Once published, most blog posts will be shared on Save Main St and Trump Resistance Movement Facebook pages, with a total following of over 500,000.

Monetary compensation will be available.

Send questions and submissions to

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