Never Give Up (They are counting on it): Perspective from a Millennial

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Millennials are left shocked, dismayed, and stumbling in disbelief. If you were born in the early 80’s through the mid 90’s, you are just starting the prime of your life and now everything seems thrown into disarray. We aren’t getting ready to retire. We don’t have a nest egg of investment, real estate properties or 401k accounts. We were counting on now to be the essence of our productive engine. This matters to us, as millennials are the single largest member of the U.S workforce.

How did we get here? Wasn’t this all supposed to be a joke on Comedy Central? Trevor Noah recorded an episode of “The Daily Show” about our apocalyptic future under the Trump regime, a funny episode, a satirical play on our deepest fear. This isn’t a joke anymore. We are up for the biggest fight of our life if we want to preserve our American ideals. Democracy and the American republic are at risk.

  •  We must resist
  •  We must challenge power at every opportunity
  •  We must be vocal
  •  We must be loud and polite
  •  We must be kind to each other

Most importantly, we must focus on the correct opportunities.

  •  Engage at the local level
  •  Get to know your neighbors
  •  Donate to charity
  •  Donate your time
  •  Hold your elected officials accountable
  •  Stand up for the ideals that are under attack
  •  Defend your LGBT friends
  •  Defend the immigrants of your community
  •  Fight for healthcare rights and coverage
  •  Stand up for Mother Earth (we all depend on it)

While the current federal regime might seem like a dark wet blanket over the country, remember that the majority of interactions with government are at the state, local and county level. The only limit to your impact is the limit that you put on yourself. You can run for office, you can change your county, district, state, or nation. The future is in the hands of the intellectual millennials and our allies. We can do it. Storms make oaks have deeper roots.

Tips and Tricks!

“Use Call to Action” is great for communicating with your representatives and staying apprised of Town Hall meetings:

Donate to these wonderful organizations dedicated to protecting our rights!

American Civil Liberties Union
Planned Parenthood…
Women’s Refugee Commission

“Run for Office” is a great website for basic information about running to make your OWN change:

UNC has put together a great tool to help you interact with your government:…/

Know of any other tools or ideas that will help better the nation and get people informed and involved? Comment with them below!

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